Hello, I am a young person who is 16 years old and currently studying for my A-Levels. I study Biology, Chemistry and Law with the hopes of going into Cardiff University to do Medicine. 

In my school life I am the Head Boy for the school. But in my personal life I am the founder and CEO of my organisation – Health4Curriculum. The reason I’m writing this blog for Plattform is because my organisation relates to Mental Health, more specifically campaigning (for the following to be added to the Education Curriculum) and teaching Mental Health First Aid and emergency First Aid in schools in Wales. 

In October 2012, my dad suffered a heart attack which could have very nearly taken his life. For anyone that doesn’t know what one of those is, it is essentially when loads of blood cells form together and make a clump called a clot, which then blocks an artery (a pipe transferring blood to the body). 

Since 2012, he has had another two which hasn’t been as severe. Following this hard time, this was the first event that sparked my interest in First Aid. The second event was a boy in my Maths lesson who suffered a grandmal seizure. 

If it wasn’t for my quick intervention and administering First Aid, then he may have never recovered. I’m sure you’re wondering how I know what to do? The answer is getting my first, First Aid qualification in the Army Cadet Force. I highly recommend joining the ACF, not only does it have loads of camouflage clothing and fires but the fun of running around with army rifles (not live obviously haha). 

Over the years I have noticed the ever-growing epidemic of Mental Health related illnesses. Ever double looked at something because it’s a bit wonky or cleaned dishes because you can’t stand the idea of them being dirty? Well, this is all related to your Mental Health, whether it’s Anxiety, Depression, or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). 

If you tell someone that you suffer badly with your Mental Health, you’re either stereotyped for wanting attention or judged in a different form. But if you tell someone you have a problem with your Physical Health, broken leg or sprained ankle etc, there’s nothing less than care, go to A&E get a cast and after 6-12 weeks your back to normal again. 

What I’m trying to say is when you can see physical pain it’s seen as something that is okay and can be fixed, right? However, when that pain that’s pulling you down and stopping you getting out of bed in the mornings is invisible, it’s ignored because you can’t see it, you can’t see what that person is feeling. 

There is a story behind every smile, good or not so good. Respect everyone the same and whether a pain is visible or not, treat the person with the same level of care. 

I hope to get Mental Health First Aid and Basic First Aid introduced to the Welsh Education Curriculum on a permanent and mandatory basis. So, when someone suffers a heart attack or seizure or an invisible pain then you will know how to react and help them to the best of your ability, that care you give can and will go a long way.