Adoption is something special for many. It’s where an adult becomes the legal parent of a child, even when they aren’t biologically related to each other. Legal adoptions allow a shift in all rights and responsibilities from the biological parents to the adoptives parents.    

Why is adoption important?

Adoption is important as it gives young people the chance to have a family, a loving home, a place of comfort and stability in their lives. It gives young people hope and support which they may have not had before. It allows them to make a new start and to have a safe place where they can talk about their traumas and struggles. 

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Why do young people enter the care system?

  • Parents are unable to care for their child due to health issues or family problems.
  • The court does not believe that the family home is the right environment for the young person.
  • They may be placing themselves or others at risk.  

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How does the care system affect young people?

Instability – In many countries, the care system is overstretched which means that many children are moved around different homes. This can cause a child to become withdrawn and develop a feeling that nobody really cares about them. As well as this, they feel like they have no control over their lives which leads to low aspirations and attachment issues.

Mental Health – Being in the care system can be upsetting as sometimes children are placed far away from family members and in places they don’t know. This move to the care home can cause a trauma in itself but many children suffer from traumas before entering the system such as abuse. Other mental health struggles that young people in care can get are depression, anxiety, anorexia, personality disorders and many more.   

Problems at School – Since the children in care have been through a lot, issues in school may develop. It has been researched that children aged between 10-17 are five times more likely to be excluded from school. As well as struggling with learning with 68% of children in care being diagnosed with one or more learning disabilities.  

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Deciding to adopt!

Deciding to adopt is something that is your choice, it’s a big thing that you have to be ready for yourselves. You have to want to adopt to be able to give unconditional love and the right support for young people. 

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Overall, adoption can be that thing that changes a young person’s life forever. Adoption can be rewarding, but it will be hard work. There will be trauma that comes along with many young people but there will also be fun times ahead.