Since lockdown started, I have spent a lot of time at my computer working on the Platfform4YP site and working with so many incredible young people and individuals to put all of the content that you see on the site today together.

I sit at my desk which is right next to my window that looks out over my garden behind my house. Most of the time I ignore it as I get so jealous of my family who are outside sunbathing in the occasional sun as I write emails. But one day when it was raining (which as we all know is most of the time) I happened to see a little bug that had somehow been trapped outside between the seals of my window, so I opened it. My little bug friend who I have since named Patrick flew away and I sat completely captivated. I came to a realisation how much I love the sound that heavy rain makes on my garden floor.

You are probably thinking, what is this guy on about? Why is this relevant? But don’t worry I’m getting to the point next I promise!

For the next ten minutes, I stopped emailing, closed my eyes and just listened. I was transported out of my bedroom to some far away tropical rainforest in an instant, my window gave me an escape from the stresses of deadlines and lockdown and just allowed me to sit still and embrace and appreciate the beauty of the nature around me.

Since that moment, I wake up every morning and figure out when the next rainy time will come and I look forward to it more than anything else. Saving Patrick and everything that followed made me realise that before then I forgot about all of the little things in life that I love, and how important it is to not forget these things. Whether it’s the smell of your coffee in the morning, the sound of waves and birdsongs, or simply the smiles of our loved ones, we all have our own versions of opening a window, little things in life that give us an escape and remind us about how beautiful life is.

So, I challenge you to think of what the little things in life are that you love and how you can make these things a bigger part of your everyday life! We would love to hear about them! Send us a DM on any social media platform @platfform4yp.