Everyone has a different idea of taking risks. Some people think that it is this negative and dangerous thing but others may define risk taking as something that means they are stepping outside of their comfort zone. 

For me, it is the latter. When I think of risk taking, I think off overcoming my fears and taking part in high-risks activities. For example, I want to swim with sharks, skydive, cliff jump and so many other activities like these. 


I want to be able to have an outgoing life and be able to look back and have no regrets. Even though I may have some fears about some of these activities, I will be taking a step out of my comfort zone and in the end I know I will have a lot of fun. 

Risk taking is important to me as it shows me who I am, what I enjoy and what I want to strive to be. I think it’s all about how you go around these risks. You should be responsible and put in all the correct precautions but be able to get that thrill and enjoyment you want to get out of the event/activity. 

However, some people may want to live their life by playing it safe and what one person might think is risk taking, is not for the next. We may take risks to test our limits and see what our boundaries may be. We will grow as people and learn from the mistakes we make. 

We are instinctively curious as people so we have to find out for ourselves on what is bad or not. As long as it’s not doing something illegal, hurting someone else, impacting your health, wellbeing or other aspects of your life, why not give something a go.