‘New Year New Me’ is probably something that you have seen a lot on the internet recently, and with the trend of setting ‘transformative’ new years resolutions it is easy to feel the pressure of having to change yourself in 2021.

There is nothing wrong with wanting change like possibly wanting to become happier and healthier, but this blog stands as a reminder that this change should be a choice rather than something that you feel obligated to do.

It doesn’t seem as though any of us can go a whole day without having Instagram models and unrealistic images of health and beauty and this can easily lead us to question our own self-image. Yes, in some instances change may be necessary for either mental or physical health reasons, but many of us change only please others or merely for aesthetical reasons that are fundamentally unnecessary.

If you are happy and healthy, then you are perfect just the way you are and there is no reason that you should feel like you need to change yourself, there is nothing wrong with going through 2021 the same way you went through 2020 if that is what YOU want!

We are all individuals and are all beautiful and perfect in our own way. If you like the way you are right now, then just stay that way!