About Wonderfest 

Wonderfest is a gathering for young people aged 13+, and parents and professionals working with young people to support their wellbeing. Our purpose is to educate and learn while having fun, and to use these positive experiences to create better wellbeing for each and every one of us.

This year will be our very first festival, and we’ll be bringing together a collective of curious and creative minds to facilitate a series of FREE online workshops over 3 days, which were on the 25th March to the 27th March.

On all the days there are events for young people to attend but there are specific events just for professionals. There are wellbeing events, Senedd and elections events, art, songwriting and pizza making events and so many more.

How did Wonderfest go?

“Let Your Voice Heard” Workshop

“As a young person on the Platfform 4yp project I was given the opportunity to run the workshop “Let your voice be heard” which was about how young people could be involved in activism. 

It was a great experience and confidence booster getting to plan and lead this workshop. As well as hearing the great suggestions of who are good examples of activists on social media, across all areas of activism including mental health activism, positive body image and climate activism. 

The discussions in the workshop really brought home how many young people in our area want to influence and make positive change.”

“How to Doodle” Workshop  

“I ran a “How to Doodle” Session during the wonderfest where people came to draw together and make fun stories. We put on relaxing music whilst people were practising their drawings and it created a really relaxed environment.”

“We made a story about a fox who was adorable and the artwork that came out of the session was really good! I would definitely run the session again! Everyone got a personalised certificate at the end of the session, which I enjoyed being able to send to them.”

There were so many more great workshops the wonderfest offered! Make sure to keep an eye out for more opportunities like these that Platfform4yp will put on.