Anti-bullying week is an event that is held every year in the third week of November. The week’s goal is to raise awareness of bullying of children and young people, in schools and elsewhere. The week gives people the resources in stopping the bullying. As well as giving information about anti-bullying awareness going beyond just one week.  

This year (15th-19th November) the theme is One Kind Word which gives a moment of hope, changes someone’s growth and day. As well as changing the conversation which breaks the cycle of bullying. 

Want to get involved?

Monday 15th November On this day, it is odd socks day where you wear different socks to show your support for anti-bullying. You can donate £1 to Anti-bullying alliance, as well as sharing photos, videos and messages using the hashtag #OddSocksDay.

Tuesday 16th November – On this day, it’s where you can share your kindness using social media. It’s a time where you can use social media for good as you can share your kindness stories using #OneKindWord.  

Wednesday 17th November – On this day, Platfform will be sharing videos from Anti-Bullying Alliance about the effects that bullying can have on people. So keep an eye out for these. Go to our social media platforms @platfform4yp to watch these videos!

Thursday 18th November – On this day, you can say thank you to the people who have shown you kindness using social media for good again. This will show the people that have helped you that they are appreciated.  

Friday 19th November – On the last day of the anti-bullying week we’ll be doing a Flip the Script Event where we ask ‘Anti-bullying Alliance’ questions about the week. Please send your questions over to Don’t worry if you miss out as there is a chance to have access to the Q&A on the Platfform4yp website soon! 

Here is the YouTube for Anti-Bullying Alliance

Go to Anti-Bullying Alliance social media to find out more – Instagram @antibullyingalliance

Overall, anti-bullying week is an important step in preventing bullying from happening in the future. By using the hashtags #Antibullyingweek, #Onekindword and #OddSockDay throughout the week will help spread awareness and create more change.