Spot the difference: 

Top Tip – Do not tell anyone the name of the game is Spot the Difference… simply follow these steps.

  1. Invite people to observe their surroundings wherever you may be. Give them 5 minutes to be mindful and ask them to take in as much detail as possible.
  2. Ask them to leave the room for a few minutes.
  3. Whilst they are out of the room choose 5 or more things to change within the room. This can be any small detail you like, such as pulling your sleeves up, taking away a photo off the wall, moving a candle or ornament. These details can be as obvious or discrete as you like.
  4. Invite the group back into the room and ask them to notice the changes. Tell them how many there is to find and see if they can catch them all.

This helps us learn to take in our surroundings and be in the moment more often. It is so easy for us to sit in the same room every day and not realise or take in the tiny, special details around us.

Mindful drawing in partners:

What you’ll need: This activity requires two people, pen and paper!

  • One person volunteers to be the speaker and the other volunteers to be the drawer.
  • The speaker takes a paper and pen and secretly (without their partner seeing) draws a simple picture such as a cat, house or car.
  • The speaker then uses only verbal descriptions of each tiny detail of the drawing to the drawer.
  • The drawer has to use these descriptions to draw on paper what the speaker is explaining. Hopefully in the end they will be able to guess what the pictureis.

For example – if the speaker had an image of a house like so…

They may describe this as follows:

  • One vertical line on the left side of the page
  • Another vertical line on the right side of the page.
  • Connect these two lines with a horizontal line at the bottom of the page.
  • At the top of these vertical lines, connect them with half of a triangle.
  • At the bottom horizontal line, inside the box, in the middle, draw a small rectangle.
  • And so on and so forth…

This is a fun activity and always leaves laughter when you compare the drawings at the end. Remember it’s not about getting it perfect, it’s about being in the moment and being mindful of small details.

Why not give it a go and let us know how you get on!!