Review by Mark Parry

This book follows a boy who along his travels encounters a mole, they then together discover the fox and the horse, each character has a different view point and experience of life, together they share experiences and wisdom, each contributing to the wellbeing of each other. The book is a wonderfully new approach to writing inspiring and thought provoking feelings, towards self-care and mental wellbeing. The author Charlie Mackesy brings together beautiful simplistic illustrations with language that appeals to all ages. It’s the kind of book one can return to time and again. 

The real appeal of this book is the ability to open it at any page and follow the story whilst immersing yourself in positivity, even at your lowest moment. It is a tale of courage, self-care and acceptance for who we are in a world that can be so cruel sometimes. Therefore it can be a true place of comfort and calmness.  

Hope you enjoy the book and find the calmness and comfort it has given me when its most needed. 

Here’s a link to the publishers website, enjoy:

Photo by Ahmad Kanbar on Unsplash