Buried is about a couple, Jack Warr and Maggie, who have moved to London to begin a new life together. In London, Jack starts on this investigation as a DC that changes his life that leads him into the criminal world but in a way that no one expected. However, how far will he go to find himself?   

Throughout the story, the character development of the main character was perfect. However, the relationship between Laura (another character) and Jack was weird. I liked Laura and the idea behind her but the feelings for Jack felt unnatural. I felt that her feelings for Jack were added in randomly. They didn’t need to be there or here feelings should’ve had more of an effect on the story line. 

Personally, I believe that all the characters all seem to be calm, even though some of them were criminals so I would’ve liked to have seen one of the characters have more of an angry damenia about them. 

I know that near the end, Jack became more angry but it would’ve made it more dramatic if this angry damenia was more spread out throughout the storyline. This is because it would’ve made some more conflict about the story on more of a personal aspect to it. 

Unlike some of the other books that I have, this book didn’t hit me and intrigue me into wanting to carry on reading on one go. However, I still like the story line and the concept but I felt that some parts of the storyline were rushed.  

How can reading help with your mental health?

  • Makes us more empathetic 
  • Improves Mental Flexibility 
  • Reduces Stress
  • Prepares you for a good night sleep
  • Fights depressions symptoms 

Overall, I liked the storyline but I couldn’t see it being made into a film as I felt it didn’t flow as well as other books that I have. However, reading this book allowed me to read something that I normally wouldn’t read.