Building a better relationship with yourself may not be on top of the property list. It can sometimes be hard to think about yourself when you care about so many other things. It’s something that we work on throughout our lives as we grow as a person. 

So, here are some tips from me!

Having a good work/life balance (or school/uni)

Many people may think, “how can this help build a better relationship with myself?” but sometimes people find it hard to switch off from work or from learning. It seems that people have worked longer hours as they haven’t needed to travel since Covid as well as enjoying themselves while at work. Or you may just have a huge “to do” list to get through. 

Even the stress that comes along with education and Covid may have affected your schedule. So allowing yourself time to yourself or with friends and family, means that you won’t get burnt out. It will allow you time to relax, do the activities that you enjoy as well as being more productive whilst you are working.    

5 Ways to Create a Healthy Relationship With Yourself 

Try new things

As we get older, our interests and personality change and this isn’t a bad thing as it’s all about growing older. It’s ok to want to change hobbies or career paths. What you liked two years ago, doesn’t mean that this is what you like now. It’s ok to try new things. 

Trying new things allows you to grow as a person and become more open minded about the future. This is because you have experienced things that you may not have thought you would experience. However, just because you are trying new things doesn’t mean it’s a replacement of your old life. 

Finding new things that you enjoy will mean that you’ll enjoy your free time more. For me, this pandemic has been something that I have used to find out what I want to do, what I want to change about my life and to find out what new things I want to try.

The Surprising Benefit of Trying Something New | Henk Van der Klok | TEDxFryslân 

Listen to the Signals Your Body Gives You

I bet that you have heard this statement many times, but it’s an important one to mention. Listening to your body will give you the opportunity to know yourself better. It can tell you when something feels wrong or when something is good. 

Our bodies have this capacity to pick up info from the outside world, and support clues on how to communicate with whatever it is triggering that feeling. Sadly, sometimes we’re too wrapped up in other things to listen to what our bodies are telling us.

Overall, building a better relationship with ourselves means that we are thinking about ourselves more, creating more time for ourselves and having a better and happier life. This does not mean ignoring others and you don’t necessarily have to have a schedule to work on yourself.