One of the activities that I do whilst in lockdown is to watch films with one of my friends through FaceTime. This time, I will be talking about ‘Five Feet Apart’, which is about a couple of young people that have cystic fibrosis, who meet whilst in hospital together. During this time, they fall in love, but because of their condition they cannot make any physical contact with each other and have to stand 5 feet apart.  

Personally, I really like this film as it talks about topics that need to be talked about, especially since cystic fibrosis is not a common illness. It was told in such a way that was interesting and fun-loving but, still got the points across that were needed.  

Also, it relates to our current situation now, as we can’t have any physical contact and have to keep our distance from others as it puts us at risk of catching the virus, just like the patients with cystic fibrosis.  

The story just flowed beautifully and in my opinion, it’s different from any other love film. This is because, stereotypically, people assume that a love romance film has a cringe element to it. However, ‘Five Feet Apart’ shows genuine love between two people that support each other through a difficult time 

Something that I took away from this film is that, no matter what life throws at you, you’ve got to take it in your stride and just have fun. From this film, we can learn that we don’t have to have physical contact to build and maintain relationships. Additionally, once lockdown has lifted, our relationship with others will become stronger.    

Photo by Abbie Bernet on Unsplash