Recently, I have found that my days are going really fast. At the moment, it feels like it’s a  Monday then the next minute it’s Friday. I then look back on my day and week and think that I should’ve done more with my day and wished that a day was longer. 

Fun Fact – There is a total of 31,557, 600 seconds in a year

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who feels like this, so I have looked into why this is and some tips and tricks to make my day seem to go slower. 

Fun Fact – The largest county in the world, uses 11 consecutive time-zones

Do you think we could cope without time? 

You know that saying, “time flies when you are having fun”. Well, it actually has nothing to do with that, even though it feels that way. 

There are three main things that make time feel like it is going faster, even though we are all on the same 24hr clock. 

Fun Fact – On Mercury, a day is 2 years 

  • We get comfortable – The more comfortable we get with our life, the faster it seems to go. As we get older this becomes more prominent as we don’t usually go and seek new things as often. More new things are done when we are children so we take in the surroundings more and take more time to do so. 
  • We just get older – Our metabolisms slow and this makes our internal body clock feel like it’s actually getting faster. 
  • How long have we lived? – We perceive time is actually proportionate to how long we have lived. 

Fun Fact – On average, a human blinks 25,000 a day

Tips and tricks on how to slow down time;

  • Keep our brain active 
  • Continually learning skills and ideas
  • Engage in ‘flow’ activities 
  • Explore new places
  • Create different experiences 
  • Pay more attention

Here are some links to find out more;

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In conclusion, time is something that no one has control of, however, you can do some activities that allow you to think that time is going faster or slower.