Do you like getting involved in creative arts? Or are you an energetic person who loves activities? Well finding hobbies can provide you with a purpose and something to do.

From a young age I have participated in multiple hobbies such as rock climbing, playing guitar, drama shows, dancing and many more. I love embracing new activities, especially anything producing adrenaline as this makes me feel more alive. I also love challenging myself and this led me to trampolining which I’m still very passionate about to this day.

Social engagement

Sometimes it can be hard to make new friends! Having similar interests can make it easier to communicate with others as you have something in common. It might be a good idea to find a local club in the area or an online group which involves the hobby of your choice. You could even join with a friend which can create stronger friendships through interests.

Relieves stress

There is nothing better after a stressful day to have the ability to turn to something that you’re passionate about and to be able to release all your worries by doing something you love. Hobbies are a great way to do this in an unpressured environment. You don’t have to be good at something. All that matters is that it produces a spark of enjoyment and happiness. 

Confidence building

My favourite part of hobbies is achieving new accomplishments, especially when you get to enjoy the process too. Hobbies allow multiple opportunities to boost confidence. By pushing yourself to take on a new harder challenge to boost your skill within the hobby can improve your confidence. Remember to celebrate successes!

Hobby ideas

Hobbies don’t have to be expensive nor be taught by someone; you can learn them all by yourself. Find free online resources or find a book in the library as there’s plenty of options. Here’s some ideas of hobbies you can try:

  • Sports: running, swimming, football, dancing.
  • Creative arts: drawing, crochet, scrapbook, creative writing, diamond painting
  • Digital: coding, digital designing
  • Performance: acting, singing, musical instruments

Overall, I truly believe there is a hobby out there to suit everyone and can provide the fabulous benefits that they bring to your wellbeing.