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I am a young person's coach; my role is to support young people 121 and in groups around their wellbeing and empower them to make changes that will have a positive impact with their own mental health. I love the fact that I get to meet so many great people from all walks of life, working with them and watching them create the change that they need to help improve their own wellbeing and lives. My favourite hobby is spending quality time with my parrot Ja. I am also extremely passionate around LGBTQIA+ rights, so in my spare time I do like to support the community, volunteer for a couple of the different Pride events, and interesting fact I was on the PincList (top 40 most influential LGBTQIA+ people in Wales) developed by Pride Cymru and WalesOnline for my activism and campaigning work for equality and human rights. Today might be a struggle, but tomorrow is a new day, face it head on with a smile 🙂

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