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I am the Training Officer for the Power Up Project, which means that I work with young people aged 10-25 South Wales. I love that when working with young people, you need to be creative and dynamic. There is a lot going on, a lot changing at that time of human life, so we have to adapt and change along with it. It can be challenging, but mostly really fun. I am also pretty lucky to be part of a creative and positive team – I am able to take some chances with my creative side, and I can do so with the full support from the team, and with the enthusiasm of the young people we work with at my back. Altogether, I love that our work is always focussed on new opportunities, is full of energy and radiates a healthy positivity. I guess I would have to say art and comics! I love to draw and it can really help my emotional wellbeing to express some of my feelings on paper, as well as just drawing for the meditative aspect of it. I am also a huge nerd, used to attend anime and comic-conventions every year prior to COVID-19 and Japanese manga and anime was my main pathway to drawing. But I find art and creativity of all kinds amazing and calming, and have on occasion also happily spent several days of a holiday just visiting art galleries and museums to admire art and culture of the past and present. There is something wondrous about seeing the beautiful works people can create from their imagination. I am a big believer in Mindfulness – it has helped me immeasurably throughout my life and I think a lot of what I gain from it is what also makes up the serenity prayer. I wish for the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference!

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