Winter mindful walking

  1. Walk at a natural pace. If it helps, count each step until you reach 10 and then start back at 1.  Pay attention to your foot lifting and falling, and which part touches the ground first. Can you feel the texture of the ground underneath? Is it gravely, smooth, slippery? Remember it will be natural for your mind to wonder. That’s okay, just bring your attention gently back to your walking.
  2. Now, pay attention to sounds. Can you hear any birds? Maybe a car in the distance? Can you hear water running down a stream? Listen to each step you take. Try to notice all the sounds there are. Which one is your favourite?
  3. What do you see? You might be familiar with the area, but try to notice new things. Look at the colours and the textures of things that catch your eye. Look up high, at the top of trees and buildings. Look down low, at the cracks and obstacles on the ground. 
  4. Enjoy this moment. You only have to focus on putting one foot forward, nothing else. Absorb the peacefulness. 
  5. Finally, bring your attention back to how the ground feels under your feet. Does your body feel relaxed? Take a deep breath in and slowly exhale. Can you see your breath? Watch it dissolve into the air. When you’re ready, return back home. 

Mindful journaling:

Cosy up with a blanket, some paper and a pen. Reflect on how you are feeling right now. If you want, you can draw and use colours on it. 

Use these prompts to help you:

I am grateful for today because….

Winter is an opportunity for me to….

Today, I am aware of….

I am looking forward to….

One thing I did well today was….

I spoke to …. today and it made me feel….

I would describe my mood today as….

My body feels….

I can smell….

I want to…….

I hope I remember this day because ….

One thing I love about myself is….

One kind thing I did today was….