Last year was my last year within education as I knew that I didn’t want to go to Uni but instead get an apprenticeship. I was hoping to start an apprenticeship within the film industry at the start of September of last year but because of COVID-19, I decided to take a gap year. 

Fun Fact – Due to the thickness of the canopy within the Amazon Rainforest, the Amazon floor is in permanent darkness.  

What’s been happening since lockdown began?

Since March, I have taken things slowly because firstly, there’s not much I can really do and secondly, I want to make sure that I am making the right decision for me. 

Even though in the bigger picture COVID-19 and lockdown has had a big impact on the world and people’s mental health etc, for me it’s been great in terms of getting things done! I have gotten myself a job with Platfform, I’ve started to write a script as I want to venture out into different aspects of the film industry, I’ve started to learn languages and so much more. 

Fun Fact – In fact, because the canopy in the Amazon Rainforest is so thick, it takes around 10 minutes for rain water to reach the ground. 

At the moment the job will end in March of this year but it could possible be attended. However, if not, I’m hoping to get another job but I’m not sure what in. As well as hoping to get another job or carry on with the one I have now, I want to get more experience within the film industry. Yet, I am keeping my options open!

Last year, I read 11 books and I hope to read more this year. Did you know that the more you read, you are less likely to get dementia? I’ve also watched more films, most of them with on of my friends over FaceTime (this is a great way to connect with your family and friends whilst in lockdown). Lastly, I have kept my exercise going.

It’s all to be able to keep my mind busy whilst I’ve been in lockdown. However, I recognize my privilege that I have a roof over my head, food on my plate and that COVId-19 not seriously affecting my family. 

This year, I hope that I will be able to get a big part of the script done, as well as get more experience within the film industry doing either cinematographer or editing. As well as this, go on holidays, depending on the situation with COVID-19. At the moment I have a three weeks coach trip booked near May time around Europe which may get postponed.  

I have also gotten myself involved in a campaign to get peace within the world which means I am an ambassador for Wales to help other young people with projects they have created about topics they feel strongly about. These topics could be anything from climate change to discrimination.

Fun Fact – The collective noun for a group of oxpeckers (a type of bird) is a “fling”.

Most importantly, I hope I will also be able to break the stigma around important issues that are going on around the world. As well as, open up my opens for different career paths.