One True Self is a podcast series created by Platfform4yp. Our podcast is a series of personal life experiences discussing a range of topics around equality and diversity with the impact it has on a person’s mental health and wellbeing. Hosted by young people.


Episode One – Meet the Hosts – 7/7/22

Within this episode, you’ll get the chance to get to know the hosts Maddie and Lucy. You’ll find out who they are, what they do and find out more about the podcast.

Episode Two – LGBTQI+ – 14/7/22

This podcast we speak with Adam as he talks about his sexuality, his passion for LGBTQIA+ rights and what struggles the community is still facing and the important work allies can do to support their LGBTQIA+ family, friends – loved ones. 

Episode Three – Being Blind – 21/7/22

This podcast we speak with Lela as she talks about her experience with being blind, her passion for raising awareness and how people can support people with disabilities. 

Episode Four – Autism – 28/7/22

Within this podcast we speak with Tom who talks about his experience with having autism. As well as being joined by Louise who is a professional that supports people with autism. They both speak on how autism affects people day-to-day and what needs to be done to improve life for people with autism. 

Episode Five – Hidden Disabilities – 4/8/22

Within this podcast we speak with Hannah who talks about her experience with having hidden disabilities. You’ll find out about the language surrounding disability, benefits/Gov support, how disability is represented within the media, ableism within the community. Lastly, we talk about equality and diversity. 

Episode Six – Refugees and Asylum Seekers Episode – 11/8/22

This podcast we speak with Edwardo who is a refugee who came to the Uk. As well as Joey, who works to help refugees. Edwardo will speak about his experience with coming to the UK, the UK government and what they do and lastly they talk about equality and diversity. 

Episode Seven – Volunteering and Mental Health – 18/8/22

Within this podcast we talk with Sinead who talks about her experience with mental health and how volunteering and mental health relate. 

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Overall, young people and our guests have been working hard to work together to spread awareness about various different topics that we feel strongly about. Make sure to give our podcast a listen on spotify at One True Self.