Your future can be a scary thought, especially when you have your whole life in front of you. You may have your life mapped out with what you want in your career, as well as what you want in your personal life. However, you can’t expect to know what will actually happen. 

Everything seems to be more amplified when you are younger, especially when life throws the unexpected at you, as we have seen with the pandemic. As well as dealing with the living prices that have skyrocketed, the pressure of getting good grades and there seems to be more divide between people within the last couple of years. 

Sometimes we don’t know how to deal with the emotions and the ramifications that come with these things but young people are expected to pick up the pieces. Sometimes young people aren’t always informed about all of the options they have to deal with life. 

We spend our childhood in school, so it seems scary to think about life without school. Life without the same schedule, the same people, the same social life and so on. Being afraid about not being able to cope with leaving school is ok. 

Once we leave school, there is a lot more responsibility put on us and a lot more decisions we have to make about our future at such a young age. Even though we should know how to act and behave, young people are held to a much higher standard than we should be. 

How to feel less scared about your future? 

🐙 Talk to people that you trust e.g. family, teachers, coaches and even your counsellor/therapist.

🦕 Research – There are a lot of resources out there that can help you with your future. 

🦋 Take your time – There is no rush to know what you want to do in your life. 

The future isn’t as scary as you think!

Overall, there is more to life than the life we have been brought up to know. We are able to have more freedom, control over what we want, when we want to do it, we can live life to be able to enjoy it. The future is something to look forward to, it is in your hands, do what makes you happy. Ask for help when you need it.