Young people in particular are the most scared of the future, since they have their whole life ahead of them. There is uncertainty about their careers, starting their own family, climate change, and so much more. Everything seems to be so much more amplified.

House prices have skyrocketed, pressure of getting good grades have increased as there is a fear that they won’t make anything of themselves if they don’t. There seems to be more hatred and division between people and it seems that young people will be left to pick up the pieces.  

Social media has been a big part of young people’s lives so a lot of things are surrounded by wanting to post everything about their lives, follow trends etc and if they don’t, they are afraid that they won’t be accepted by friends, families, peers and society in general. As well as having every negative thing that goes on in the world put out on social media. This can lead to feeling like they won’t have anyone there for them in the future.  

All of this is also amplified by young people’s environment such as schools and home etc. These places amplify young people’s fears as it is not always taught in schools or at home about the options that young people have for their future. As well as how to cope once young people leave school. For example, how to buy a house, how to deal with discrimation and so on. 

What can you do to feel less afraid of the future?

🎃 Talk to people that you trust and who have experience in what you want to know. This could be your parents, teachers, coaches or even your counicler. They are more than likely happy to help and it’ll help you put your mind at rest. 

😸 Research. There are many tools out there that can give you information about the area that you are concerned about. Make sure to find more than a couple of sources so you can get all of the information that you need. 

🤠 Take your time. You are young and there isn’t any rush for you to decide what career you want to go into or to buy a house etc. There are many options for you to take so make sure that you take the route that is right for you.  

The future isn’t as scary as you think!

We live the majority of our childhood in education and that is what we know so it would seem scary to think about life without school. Life without the same schedule, the same people, the same social life and the reduced responsibility. 

However, once high school ends, we either go to college, six form, or an apprenticeship and then onto University or a job. Unlike school, these places are somewhere where we can choose to be, where we can decide to leave whenever we want if things get too hard etc.

This is where the scariness of it all can begin, that we have more responsibility and control over our lives. We are held to a higher expectation in society and we aren’t always being told what to do. We are expected to schedule our days as there is no set structure already given to us. 

Although, all this seems scary, which in some aspects it is but it isn’t as scary as you think. There is more to life than the life we have been brought up to know. We are able to have more freedom, control over what we want, when we want to do it, we can live life to be able to enjoy it.   

Overall, the future is something to look forward to. Yes, you may find your future scary and there’s no reason to ignore those feelings. However, your future is in your hands, do what makes you happy and ask for help when you need it.