Taking risks is something that has a negative stereotype to it. However, there are many positive things to it but many people don’t want to believe that. As we grow older, we tend to take less risks and our past can play a role in that.  

Fact – Taking risks can help with increased self-confidence.  

Want to take risks but not sure where to start? 

Here are some tips! 

  • Take one risk at a time 
  • Practice on a smaller scale 

You may not feel as comfortable taking big risks on your first go so if this is the case, lead up to it with smaller risks which allows you to get a sense of what it would be like. It will also allow you to know what the big risk would look like. 

  • Change your perspective 
  • Calculate risks and ask for help  

Make sure that the risks you are taking have been assessed beforehand so that you’re not doing something illegal, hurting someone else, impacting your health, wellbeing or other aspects of your life 

  • Read your emotions and reactions
  • Embrace change and adapt 

Fact – When taking risks you’ll learn new skills.

Overall, risk taking can be something that can have a more beneficial element to people’s lives. Make sure that you don’t over think the risk but make sure that you have weighed out the possibilities of the outcomes even if you are unsure what those outcomes may be.