Both isolation and loneliness can affect mental health. Many people believe that they are the same thing. However, they aren’t but sometimes they can cross over. There are multiple reasons as to why someone may be isolated or lonely. Yet, it’s nothing to feel ashamed about.       

What is loneliness? 

There is no definite answer to what loneliness is as the feelings of loneliness can be different to different people. Loneliness can be where people don’t feel like they have any social connection with others, no matter how much social interaction they have. 

It’s where our human need for meaningful relationships is not fulfilled.   

What is isolation?

Isolation can have similar feelings to loneliness. However, rather than just having the feelings of loneliness, isolation is also the act of being alone. It’s where someone has little or no social interaction with others. 

Both are feelings and situations that shouldn’t be invalidated. 

Five signs that loneliness is becoming isolation!

🐻 Spending more time on your own!

🐼 Not having meaningful relationships with others! 

🐨 Losing interest in your surroundings! 

🦁 Refraining from doing anything out of your comfort zone!

🐯 Justifying why you are spending so much time alone!   

I can overcome isolation by… 

🍀 Setting a specific time for going out into the community

🌸 Finding support groups 

🌏 Reaching out to family and friends 

☀️ Make time for the things that you enjoy 

🪐 Change the way you think about yourself 

🦋 Finding out why I feel the way I do!

Overall, both isolation and loneliness can have the same effects on your wellbeing. However, know that there are people out there that will help you, that will be there for you and will be that community that you need.