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The worldwide web is called that for a reason, it's big! So, here are some websites that we find useful that you might like too!

Surf the web

Special Days to Celebrate in the Calendar

If you're looking for something to celebrate, take a look here to find a special occasion to celebrate that suits you best!

How to Reduce Stress So You Can Live Your Best Life

Here is an article written by one of our new young writers about a number of resources for minimising stress and maximising success!

Just a load of cute cats! They’re so fluffy I’m gonna die!

Wasn't this what the internet was built for? Thank us later! [Thanks for the adorable picture Jae Clark on Unsplash!]

Black Lives Matter! Here are 10 anti-racism organisations to donate to!

10 anti-racism organisations in the UK you can donate to to support #BLM!

Mindfulness: getting started, and useful info

If you're looking to learn more about mindfulness, there's a list of useful methods and info on Platfform's site, and there's also a link below to a big list with places you can find out even more. There's also some great video guides on Platfform's Vimeo for young people.

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A website and app focuses on meditation techniques for help with stress, sleep and anxiety. There's some paid bits, but a lot of useful content in the free version too.

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Advice, tools and activities covering meditation, sleep, healthy living and more. The app has paid features, but there's a lot of free content too.

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A mental health project by and for young people. It runs in Bristol and Gloucestershire, but the information and advice on here is useful wherever you are. They cover relationships, self-image, self-harm, depression, identity and more.

The Mix

Information on essential topics for under 25s. Expert, in-depth advice on a huge range of issues, from mental health to money and housing.

Mindfulness in Action

A great, in-depth site with online support, courses, advice and more.

Young Minds

This site has a particular focus on where you can get help in a crisis, or with anything you’re struggling with, but there’s also a really good blog that covers a huge range of mental health issues that you might encounter.

Young Scot

Although aimed mainly at those living in Scotland, this site has advice useful for any young people, and they often add more blog posts on new topics. Worth keeping an eye on!


Online, phone and text-based advice and help for those under 25, available 8am ‘til midnight, 7 days a week. It’s for anything that’s troubling you, and their website also has a great set of articles too.

Noise and Effect apps

These are great for relaxing, blocking out background noise, or sleep.

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Relaxing sound effect videos

Relaxing rain, water and other useful sounds for relaxing, sleep and focus.

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After a long week we all like to hear something positive. On this website you’ll find that as well as quotes you could share with friends, family and even on your social media, there are also some questions to ask yourself that may give you a chance to explore more sides of your personality.

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This website is a host to several free meditation resources. The Calm app is the best one available for meditation, sleep stories and mindfulness techniques. It comes with a subscription system to unlock the full resources but the free version has a lot of resources available as well.

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