Climate change relates to the shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. Some changes may be natural but the rate at which the changes are happening aren’t normal. Climate change has been affecting not only the world itself but affecting people’s wellbeing.

How does the media present climate change now?

The media plays a huge role in the climate change discussion. It gets information out that is needed. Especially the information that individuals are’t going out of their way to read. However, the information may differ slightly depending on which country you are in.   

Yet, it seems that climate change is not always shown in a positive light (which it shouldn’t always be the case as climate change isn’t a positive thing). However, when people come away from the news, there is this sense of doom and gloom surrounding climate change.

Rather than trying to put a downer on people’s mood, we should try to uplift people to actually make change whilst giving the correct information about the topic. People should be given ways to be able to create change on a more individual level.  

How can the representation of climate change affect mental health?

🍓 Creates hopelessness – The media tells people the facts and severity of the state of climate change. It creates a sense of hopelessness as it comes across as something that is so bad that whatever an individual does is only going to have a positive effect on a minisual level. Just remember that every little helps, even if it doesn’t feel that way!

🥥 Causes climate anxiety – Watching so much bad news surrounding climate change can cause anxiety. Climate anxiety is where there is worry, tension or fear surrounding climate change. – Climate Anxiety – Is there such a thing? 

How should we present climate change in the media? 

We should give information that is needed but in a way that doesn’t discourage people from taking action. Many people hear the news and want to take action but are too overwhelmed by the news that they are just about coping with what’s happening. 

Overall, the media plays a huge part in how climate change is received and viewed. Climate change is represented differently in different countries and each country has different ways to cope with climate change.