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Meet Ellis

Hi, my name is Ellis, I am a Families Practitioner working in the Families team in Caerphilly. I have to say that I am very lucky to have found a job in such an amazing place. The work that everyone does at Platfform is inspiring and I feel privileged to be a part of it! The thing that I enjoy most about my job is supporting Young People on their own journeys to being the best versions of themselves.

One thing you need to know about me is that I love being active, whether that’s going to the gym, taking my dog for a walk, or playing rugby for my local club. Being active is key for my own mental wellbeing and without it I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I do love exploring new places as well. I would say that my favourite piece of advice that has helped me with my wellbeing is that you aren’t alone. Although it feels like you are alone there will always be a friend of family member who cares about you and is willing to listen and help you!

Wonderfest Website

Platfform4yp Swansea Bay are holding a festival for both young people and professionals. If you want to get involved go to Wonderfest website and book your space. FREE WELLBEING FESTIVAL ON SUNDAY 17TH JULY AT NATIONAL WATERFRONT MUSEUM – Come along and have lots of fun!

Free Summer Stuff with Platfform



Big Meadow days on Mondays

Spend the day at the Big Meadow growing field in Llangennith

Make new friends in the big outdoors and learn about all things nature.

Free minibus going from Swansea at 09.30am and returning at 3.30pm – email to book your spot.

Peer Mentor training days every Tuesday

Peer Mentor training days every Tuesday at 10.00am – 4pm

If you have completed the State of Mind wellbeing group in school, this is your chance to become a peer mentor and join the growing network of young people helping others.

You will get an accredited training certificate AND a hoodie and badge once trained! Email to book your spot

Surf Wednesdays

Surf Wednesdays

Surfing lessons at Aberavon beach with Surf school Wales from 2pm – 6pm email to book your spot

Creative workshops every Wednesday

Creative workshops every Wednesday

Meet at Platfform HQ at 10 -12 to create stuff with clay with Katy. Book your spot at

Wednesdays – Clay Days



Self care Thursdays

Self care Thursdays

Meet at Platfform HQ at 1000 where Jasmine will share her top tips to boss your self care! Book by emailing

State of Mind Wellbeing group

State of Mind Wellbeing group

Join the summer community group with Chris to learn how to look after yourself and meet new friends in a safe space.

Course starts on Friday 29th July for 5 weeks, book your space by emailing

Jewellery making workshops

Jewellery making workshops – on Thursday 18 and Thursday 25 August Hannah from Hannah Megan Jewellery will be running morning (10 – 12) and afternoon (2 – 4pm) workshops making jewellery.

Please email to book EITHER Thursday 18th morning / Thursday 18th afternoon / Thursday 25th morning / Thursday 25th afternoon

Dealing with the Summer Holidays!

Summer holidays aren’t for everyone. Some people simply don’t enjoy the summer but for many, the holidays may be a time of stress and anxiety. Even if they do enjoy some of it, the holidays can still come with its difficulties.


Heartstopper is a show that represents the LGBTQ+ community where two characters, Nick and Charlie, from two completely different lifestyles come together to make an unlikely relationship. Not only representing the journey between Nick and Charlie, Heartstopper shows characters that represent the other parts of the LGBTQ+ community.

How to be an ally to the lgbtq+ community?

An ally is someone who supports a community such as the LGBTQ+ community without having to be a member of the community themselves. However, people within the community can also be allies to other identities and sexualities. For example, a gay person being an ally for a transgender person.

Tips for talking to men about their mental health

Mens mental health is important and in this blog, Alex Holmes talks about the tips around talking to men about their mental health.

Loneliness Awareness Week

Loneliness is a feeling, a feeling that many people can experience, young and old. It is where our needs are not met when it comes to connecting with others. It’s something that has a different meaning to different people.

5 Ways to Improve Self Esteem

Everyone struggles with their self esteem at some point in their lives, especially when you’re young. Living in the age of social media doesn’t help because we are constantly exposed to content that can make us feel bad about ourselves.

Becoming Creative for Pride Month

To celebrate Pride month some of our young people have creative some content surrounding gender and identity.

10 documentaries to understand the LGBTQ+ rights movement

Today it's International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. Watch these 10 documentaries to understand the LGBTQ+ rights movements!

How Meditation Can Help With Worry!

Mindfulness has been a buzzword for a few years now. But what is mindfulness, what’s its relationship to meditation and how can we use it to make our lives better?

Staying Safe Online from a Young Person Tedtalk

A young person speaks on how staying safe online from their perspective!

Meet Kate

Hi, I’m Kate and I’m a training officer. My job enables me to facilitate Well-Being groups in a variety of settings all over South Wales. It’s a privilege to work alongside Young people, to have a part in creating safe spaces where everyone is supported to discuss mental health and well-being, which helps to break the stigma attached to it. I love how creative my role is. I have been able to co-create some interesting projects with young people through Platfform and I have witnessed some really positive outcomes. I believe that education around mental health is incredibly important to the evolution of the support systems that we currently have.

My advice for better mental health would be this. Life can be a difficult journey, it’s unpredictable at the best of times, when we have certain expectations it can leave us feeling disappointed. Accepting that change is the only constant, is a great place to start. With this knowledge, it will help if you can be kind and patient with yourself, as you navigate through the different situations and stage of your growth. You are never alone, always seek help and support if you feel you need it. It’s ok to make mistakes, you’re human, you’re perfectly imperfect, try believing in yourself, you never know where it will take you.

Meet Jasmine

Hi! My name's Jasmine and I'm a Young person's coach. I love working at Platfform and there is a lot I enjoy about my job...but if I had to pick just one it would be working 121 with the young people and seeing them grow as they become more confident, happier and learn how to manage their own well-being and mental health. My favourite hobbies include taking naps and eating lots of sushi or pizza of course! I do love to get creative through photography, content creating, scrapbooking, or writing poetry. At times, I love an adventure such as, exploring another area , zip wiring or walking with llamas! My own well-being improved when I found writers like Jay Shetty and Vex King. Learning about manifestation, affirmations, and self-love. One of my favourite quotes would be 'Make someone smile every day, but never forget you're someone too.

Meet Amy

I am a wellbeing family case worker for the Caerphilly team of Platfform. I have only been in this role since December 2021, so although it is still quite new to me, I am really enjoying the new challenge. The variety of the role and the satisfaction in getting to meet tons of new people and help with their wellbeing needs is the best. When I am not in work, I am either running around after my two kids (who never get tired) or enjoy all the usual, such as spending time with friends, and family, eating cake and putting the world to rights. I love keeping active, be it a hike up a mountain, a wander along the coastal path or slogging it out at a Cross-fit session. I also have a passion for travel, trying to tick off as many countries as I can. Regarding my own well-being, keeping active, getting outside, and talking, I feel are imperative to keeping me in a positive frame of mind. I also try to look at life with a 'every cloud has a silver lining' attitude.

Meet Adam

I am a young person's coach; my role is to support young people 121 and in groups around their wellbeing and empower them to make changes that will have a positive impact with their own mental health. I love the fact that I get to meet so many great people from all walks of life, working with them and watching them create the change that they need to help improve their own wellbeing and lives. My favourite hobby is spending quality time with my parrot Ja. I am also extremely passionate around LGBTQIA+ rights, so in my spare time I do like to support the community, volunteer for a couple of the different Pride events, and interesting fact I was on the PincList (top 40 most influential LGBTQIA+ people in Wales) developed by Pride Cymru and WalesOnline for my activism and campaigning work for equality and human rights. Today might be a struggle, but tomorrow is a new day, face it head on with a smile 🙂

Surfing With Platfform

Come and join Platfform surfing! If you want to book a surfing space, email

Trans Day of Visibilty

Trans Day of Visibility is a day that celebrates people who are transgender or who comes under the trans umbrella. As well as increase awareness of discrimination faced by transgender people worldwide.

Being an ally for the LGBTQ+ community!

An ally is someone who supports a community such as the LGBTQ+ community without being a part of the community themselves.

What is it?

The Young People’s Wellbeing Toolkit shares everything we have covered in the last 3 years from running the State of Mind pilot project across Wales. This toolkit is a chance for us to share all our learning that could help you to support your everyday mental health and wellbeing.  

10 ways to support your mental health and wellbeing 

There are many ways that you can support you mental health and wellbeing. However, here are 10 ways to support your mental health and wellbeing

How can I feel better?

The first step has been taken: you or someone you care about have recognised that help is needed. That’s a fantastic start. What next? There are lots of options available, depending on your situation and circumstances.  How do we decide what’s best for us, and how do we get the support we need? 

How to grow your confidence

We all want to feel more confident at times. This could mean having the courage to be our true selves around anyone and everyone, or feeling able to call people out when their behaviour is harming us, or to simply be able to say ‘no’ to things or people. But why can these feel like such difficult things to do? 

Mental wellbeing for all

We can all experience difficult times with our mental health, whatever our backgrounds or what our lives are like. But there are some things that can make facing mental health challenges more difficult, or more likely.

Love and compassion (for ourselves and others)

Showing love to yourself means being patient and kind towards yourself. This can be particularly important when you are trying to achieve something, and you need to be patient with yourself. Taking small steps by breaking big tasks into simpler parts can help you steadily make progress. 

Relationships throughout our lives: attachments

Attachment theory suggests that how we are cared for as babies and toddlers can shape how we relate to people later in life. Our very first relationship(s) in life form the foundation of our relationship style – or rather, our attachment style.  

The Teenage Brain 

Your brain is a very complex and interesting part of your body and oversees controlling and regulating everything the body does.  

What to do in a crisis?

What should you do if you find yourself or someone you know in a crisis? Firstly, we need to acknowledge that this is a tough thing to handle and can be very scary and overwhelming – please be kind to yourself. Below is a list of phone lines that are set up to support you in time of crisis, with staff on the other end of the line who are trained to help you. 

Our Stories – My experience of going to A&E for mental health crisis

Here is also an experience of going to A&E for mental health crisis!

How can mental health within universities be improved?

It is another year where many young people have gone back to university. Ever since the pandemic hit, the awareness around mental health and wellbeing have increased. This doesn’t mean that mental health within young people wasn’t there before the pandemic, because it was. It just means that young people don’t want their mental health to be ignored anymore.

Thinking about body image differently!

Body image is how we think and feel about ourselves physically. Our bodies are one of the things that we have that is a constant in our lives. However, for many it’s one of things that we are very critical of. This is due to external factors affecting our thoughts about our bodies. 

​​Our Voices are Just as Important

Don’t allow others to stop you from speaking your voice. You are important, and so is your voice. Stand up for what you believe in, even when you may get push backs. Find groups that support your cause, make friends that allow you to grow and allows you to be you.

Monday Club

If you want somewhere to go to do your homework, create some crafts or just hang out, why not join our Monday Club sessions!

Free Activities With PLATFFORM

Do you want to have something to take part in? Why not join us in our activities that Platfform is putting on for free?

How has technology impacted young people?

Technology has become a big part of the society we live in today, especially within young people. As time has gone on, and the more we use technology, the more we see the impacts it has on people. 

Half Term Activities

Half Term Fun - All activities are free. Come and join the team and other young people and have some fun with us.

Taking Advantage of Being Young!

Being young can be hard, we can have many struggles that can affect our mental health and wellbeing. However, it is important to take advantage of being young!  

Free Yoga Classes

Do you want to get involved with Yoga? Get in contact with the Platfform Team to book a spot or find out more info.

Free Winter Activities for Young People

Do you want to join in our free winter activities for young people with Platfform? Get in contact with us to book a spot and get more info!

How starting a hobby can impact your wellbeing?

Do you like getting involved in creative arts? Or are you an energetic person who loves activities? Well finding hobbies can provide you with a purpose and something to do.

The Future Isn’t As Scary As You Think!

Young people in particular are the most scared of the future, since they have their whole life ahead of them. There is uncertainty about their careers, starting their own family, climate change, and so much more. Everything seems to be so much more amplified.